4 Ways To Stop The Bleeding of Employee Turnover

Retain Employees

Find intrinsic ways to keep your best people around and inspire their loyalty beyond throwing pizza parties or more money in their paychecks.

Optimal Performance

Develop a workforce that continuously exceeds expectations and goals, meets deadlines, and does their best work together to demonstrate big-picture thinking.

Exceptional Outcomes

Lead your employees in a way that produces high-quality products / services resulting in increased brand loyalty among an ever-increasing customer base.

Genuine Commitment

Create an environment of self-ownership where your people feel committed towards their work, the business vision, and to you as their leader.

4 Ways To Stop The Bleeding of Employee Turnover

Did you know… 3.5 million Americans quit their job every day, according to LinkedIn’s 2019 Workforce Learning Report?

Regrettable turnover is costly to the business and damaging to the workplace culture.

The relationship employees have with their leadership is one of the most important factors to keeping them committed to their jobs and the organizations where they work. Leaders can’t afford to overlook this fact.

Three things you can do today to start fostering improved loyalty by your team members are:

  1. Focus on helping each individual develop their career in the direction that feels satisfying and fulfilling for their own life
  2. Convey just how much you genuinely value each of your team members as their leader
  3. Find out how each team member prefers to be recognized and show them they matter in a personalized way
  4. Hire a coach to help you learn contemporary practices and level up your leadership skills

Feeling valued, both as individuals and as employees, helps keep top talent in place.

How do you show your employees you value them?  Don’t know how to do that and need some help figuring it out?

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