4 Signs That Your Business Culture is in Trouble

Retain Employees

Find intrinsic ways to keep your best people around and inspire their loyalty beyond throwing pizza parties or more money in their paychecks.

Optimal Performance

Develop a workforce that continuously exceeds expectations and goals, meets deadlines, and does their best work together to demonstrate big-picture thinking.

Exceptional Outcomes

Lead your employees in a way that produces high-quality products / services resulting in increased brand loyalty among an ever-increasing customer base.

Genuine Commitment

Create an environment of self-ownership where your people feel committed towards their work, the business vision, and to you as their leader.

4 Signs That Your Business Culture is in Trouble

Your employees are the most valuable asset you have in your business. They are what will make your business sink or swim, because your brand and your customers’ (and potential customers’) perception of your business rests entirely upon the shoulders of the employees that carry out the services for them.

Whether or not your employees are performing to their maximum potential has everything to do with the culture that exists in your business.

Here are 4 telltale signs that your business culture needs some TLC:
1. You have a turnover problem
2. Team performance is sub par
3. Business outcomes are missing the mark
4. Your employees aren’t committed to the success of the business

If you have one or more of these problems in your business, you’re not alone. There are many, many leaders out where scratching their heads trying to figure out how to correct these issues.  Far too often, they tighten the reins and further exert their authority, thinking that will fix the problems. But a lot of times, that makes it worse.

What you need is a new strategy with your team. One that is creative and sometimes counterintuitive if you’re used to managing instead of leading. It involves shifting around the controls a bit to change the dynamic. When you do that, you better position yourself to change the culture in your organization as well as the outcomes you’re getting from your teams.

It all comes down to making a shift from managing to leading. Leaders inspire their teams to do their very best work. Leaders have employees WANTING to collaborate with them. Leaders know how to coach their employees and bring out the best in them. Leaders know how to recognize the awesomeness that each team member brings to the table and know how to leverage it.  Managers, on the other hand, spend the majority of their time dealing with performance issues due to conflict and disengagement with their team members.

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