4 Reasons Resiliency Coaching Is A Must For Healthcare Leaders

Retain Employees

Find intrinsic ways to keep your best people around and inspire their loyalty beyond throwing pizza parties or more money in their paychecks.

Optimal Performance

Develop a workforce that continuously exceeds expectations and goals, meets deadlines, and does their best work together to demonstrate big-picture thinking.

Exceptional Outcomes

Lead your employees in a way that produces high-quality products / services resulting in increased brand loyalty among an ever-increasing customer base.

Genuine Commitment

Create an environment of self-ownership where your people feel committed towards their work, the business vision, and to you as their leader.

4 Reasons Resiliency Coaching Is A Must For Healthcare Leaders

It’s a new day, and Resilience Coaching is now a must-have for front-line healthcare leaders. Why? Because now more than ever, healthcare teams are experiencing high levels of stress and burnout, resulting in turnover and inconsistencies in service delivery.

Front-line leaders are the direct line of support and guidance to those who provide direct care. As the creators of the workplace culture, your leaders’ Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, and soft skills sizably impact the team’s effectiveness. The level of engagement- or disengagement- they create on the team affects productivity, turnover, customer satisfaction/loyalty, and business growth.

So why isn’t leadership coaching a key element at more healthcare organizations? Great question. It’s largely due to the perception that coaching is either too costly or too time consuming. When in fact, there is huge ROI for leadership coaching, both financially and in terms of time efficiency. Here’s why:

  • Coaching reduces leaders’ stress levels because it provides them with actionable feedback that is just-in-time, allowing leaders a safe space to discuss challenges and try evidence-based solutions, thereby improving their leadership effectiveness
  • Coaching teaches leaders how to inspire their teams to bring their best selves to work every day, boosting the quality of team outcomes
  • Resilient Leadership Coaching helps leaders be more agile, make better use of their resources, and enhances their creativity in stressful situations, resulting in better problem solving
  • Coaching enables leaders to be better coaches to their team members, resulting to decreased team conflict, improved productive communication, and improved teamwork

The good news is that coaching for front-line leaders is an accessible, cost-effective means of improving what matters most: the care received by patients at your facility.

Create a support system for your front-line healthcare leadership team that extends far beyond what currently exists in your healthcare organization. Secure a coaching service that utilizes contemporary, robust, evidence-based practices aimed at enhancing their Resilience and Leadership abilities. Boost the quality of your team’s performance by investing in Resilient Leadership Coaching.

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